Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

IHE recommendations in Basic Image Review profile.

Selected view of the 2D DICOM Viewer

Shortcut Action
T Translate (pan) the image canvas
W Window / Level
S Series scroll
Z Zoom
R Rotation
H Crosshair: in multiview mode synchronizes the crosshair position to all the views (Note: Ctrl + click or Ctrl + Shift + click allows changing the Window / Level values)
C Cine Start / Stop
M Measure
D Distance measurement
A Angle measurement
Y Polyline measurement
B Textbox
Q Context menu
Ctrl + Spacebar Change to the next action
Ctrl + mouse drag Accelerate the current action
Ctrl + Shift + mouse drag Accelerate more the current action
Alt + R 90° rotation (clockwise)
Alt + L 90° rotation (counterclockwise)
Alt + F Flip horizontally (after rotation action)
0 1 2 3 DICOM presets
K Toggle key image state
Spacebar Show/Hide all the annotations (three states)
I Show/Hide all the annotations (three states)
Escape Reset the selected view
P Print view(s) with the operating system printer
Right-click Open the contextual menu for more options
Double click Toggle fullscreen
Drag files/directories
(from the OS file manager)
Open DICOMs files

DICOM explorer

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + click on the thumbnail Select multiple series
Click on a thumbnail and then Shift + click on another one Select all series between
Enter Open the selected series in the default viewer
Click + drag a thumbnail in the main view Display a series
Right-click Open the contextual menu for more options

Downloading Priorities: Selecting a thumbnail gives the best priority to download.


Shortcut Action
Click on a graphic Select a Graphics
Click + mouse drag In selection mode: select all the graphics inside the selection area.
In drawing mode: draw the selected graphic shape.
Ctrl + A Select all the graphics
Ctrl + D Deselect all the graphics
Delete Delete the selected graphics
Shift + click on a graphic In selection mode: add or remove a graphic to the current selection.
In drawing mode: force to draw on another graphic (without shift the graphic is selected).
Double click Stop adding points for polyline (also available in the context menu)
Right-click Open the contextual menu for more options

Tips and Tricks

Window / Level:

  • Horizontal movement of the mouse to the right will widen the window width (flatten the perceived contrast)
  • Vertical movement of the mouse upwards will lower the window center (increase the perceived brightness). See Preferences to inverse level direction.

Two ways to draw a segment:

  • Click + drag > release
  • Click > release > drag > release