Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

IHE recommendations in Basic Image Review profile.

Central panel containing viewers and editors

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + Tab Select the next tab (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Select the previous tab (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Shift + E Open a the docking panel list for selection
Ctrl + M Maximize/Restore the selected tab
Ctrl + W Close the tab
Tab Right-click Open the contextual menu for more options

Selected view of the 2D DICOM Viewer

Shortcut Action
Left Arrow Display previous series (since v4.2.1 )
Right Arrow Display next series (since v4.2.1 )
Page Up Display first series (since v4.2.1 )
Page Down Display last series (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Left Arrow Display previous study (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Right Arrow Display next study (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Page Up Display first study (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Page Down Display last study (since v4.2.1 )
Up Arrow Display previous image (since v4.2.1 )
Down Arrow Display next image (since v4.2.1 )
Home Display first image (since v4.2.1 )
End Display last image (since v4.2.1 )
Shift + Up Arrow Go 10 images back (since v4.2.1 )
Shift + Down Arrow Go 10 images forward (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Up Arrow Display previous patient (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Down Arrow Display next patient (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Home Display first patient (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + End Display last patient (since v4.2.1 )
Tab Go the next view when layout has more than one view
Shift + Tab Go the previous view when layout has more than one view
Alt + Arrows Move image of 5 pixels (since v4.2.1 )
Alt + Shift + Arrows Move image of 10 pixels (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Plus (+) Zoom in (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Minus (-) Zoom out (since v4.2.1 )
Ctrl + Enter Set zoom to best fit (since v4.2.1 )
T Translate (pan) the image canvas
W Window / Level
S Series scroll
Z Zoom
R Rotation
H Crosshair: in multiview mode synchronizes the crosshair position to all the views (Note: Ctrl + click or Ctrl + Shift + click allows changing the Window / Level values)
C Cine Start / Stop
M Measure
D Distance measurement
A Angle measurement
Y Polyline measurement
B Textbox
Q Context menu
Ctrl + Spacebar Change to the next action
Ctrl + mouse drag Accelerate the current action
Ctrl + Shift + mouse drag Accelerate more the current action
Alt + R 90° rotation (clockwise)
Alt + L 90° rotation (counterclockwise)
Alt + F Flip horizontally (after rotation action)
0 1 2 3 DICOM presets
K Toggle key image state
Spacebar Show/Hide all the annotations (three states)
I Show/Hide all the annotations (three states)
Escape Reset the selected view
P Print view(s) with the operating system printer
Right-click Open the contextual menu for more options
Double click Toggle fullscreen
Drag files/directories
(from the OS file manager)
Open DICOMs files

DICOM explorer

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + click on the thumbnail Select multiple series
Click on a thumbnail and then Shift + click on another one Select all series between
Ctrl + A Select all the series
Home or Page Up Select the first series
End or Page Down Select the last series
Up Arrow Select previous series
Down Arrow Select next series
Enter Open the selected series in the default viewer
Click + drag a thumbnail in the main view Display a series
Right-click Open the contextual menu for more options
Drag files/directories
(from the OS file manager)
Open DICOMs files

Downloading Priorities: Selecting a thumbnail gives the best priority to download.


Shortcut Action
Click on a graphic Select a Graphics
Click + mouse drag In selection mode: select all the graphics inside the selection area.
In drawing mode: draw the selected graphic shape.
Ctrl + A Select all the graphics
Ctrl + D Deselect all the graphics
Delete Delete the selected graphics
Shift + click on a graphic In selection mode: add or remove a graphic to the current selection.
In drawing mode: force to draw on another graphic (without shift the graphic is selected).
Double click Stop adding points for polyline (also available in the context menu)
Right-click Open the contextual menu for more options

Tips and Tricks

Window / Level:

  • Horizontal movement of the mouse to the right will widen the window width (flatten the perceived contrast)
  • Vertical movement of the mouse upwards will lower the window center (increase the perceived brightness). See Preferences to inverse level direction.

Two ways to draw a segment:

  • Click + drag > release
  • Click > release > drag > release