Spatial Calibration

How to change the spatial calibration

When the image does not contain a default spatial calibration and it contains a ruler (or other element allowing to determine a known distance) then you can apply a calibration manually:

  1. Select a line in the Measurement Tool
  2. Draw a line on an object with a known distance
  3. Right-click on the selected line and enter the distance on the Manual Calibration window

Calibration Calibration
Apply Calibration Apply Calibration


The calibration can be applied only to the current image or to all the images belonging to the series.


Once calibrated, all measuring tools will produce results according to the calibration and the real-world zoom will display the images at the same size of the real objects. Currently, the calibration is not saved in the DICOM file.

Changing spacial calibration with Weasis 1.1.3