DICOMWeb Import

How to configure DICOMWeb node

This page explains how to configure a remote archive in DICOMWeb and then use this DICOMWeb node to retrieve exams remotely. However, it is also possible, without any prior configuration, to launch Weasis from a web context by passing it some parameters to retrieve images in DICOMWeb.

From the main menu, open File > Preferences (Alt + P) and select DICOM node list. DICOMWeb nodes DICOMWeb nodes

Google Cloud Healthcare API

Google provides a Cloud Healthcare API’s implementation of DICOMweb.

  1. Add a new DICOMWeb node and enter a description
  2. Select DICOMWeb service
  3. Enter the URL of a Google repository (must ends with /dicomWeb)
  4. Add an authentication by clicking on the Manager button and then click on Add

Google node Google node

  1. Select the Google Cloud Healthcare template
  2. Click on Fill and optionally edit the name
  3. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret, Click on OK and close the other windows. Then open the DICOM Import dialog and select the node.

Google template Google template

Currently, the DICOMWeb service for getting thumbnails doesn’t work in the Google API.

Orthanc WEB Server

Orthanc is a lightweight DICOM server with DICOMWeb capabilities.

Currently, the DICOMWeb service of Orthanc doesn’t support the thumbnail service.

Create a new DICOMWeb node with the following URL (example with the demo server without authentication):


Orthanc node Orthanc node